How To Open Patanjali Store | Patanjali Franchise Cost | Best Guide in 13 Steps

Hello curious businessman, I know you eagerly want to know how to get Patanjali franchise. But before we go deep down into this let’s understand some brief points about the Patanjali store franchise partner hub and the short key points of the Patanjali company. Also here is the table of contents available, by which you can directly go to the part you want to know about.

  • I don’t know if you like Patanjali or not, but one thing is so sure that you can’t ignore it. Because today Patanjali became the common household name for every Indian. And this is all because of only one man “Swami Ramkrishna Yadav” popular as “Yog Guru Baba Ramdev“.
  • But did you know? almost 94% of Patanjali is owned by Acharya Balkrishna and Yog Guru Baba Ramdev Ji is the front face and ambassador of this Indian brand.
  • Before founding Patanjali in 2006, Acharya Balkrishna and Yog Guru Baba Ramdev founded Divya Yoga Pharmacy in Haridwar in 1995.
  • According to CNBC-TV18, Baba Ramdev said “To become self-reliant in palm oil, Patanjali group has announced plans to plant palm trees on more than 15 lakh acres of land”. And he is aiming to IPO of these 4 companies Patanjali Ayurved, Patanjali Wellness, Patanjali Medicine and Patanjali Lifestyle by 2027.
  • The ultimate reason for Patanjali’s success is Yog Guru Baba Ramdev as he endorses the company’s products to his followers & disciples across his yoga camps, events, and television programmes.
  • Today Patanjali have more than 47000 retail counters, 3500 distributors, multiple warehouses in 18 states and proposed factories in 6 states.
  • Patanjali has expanded to more than 50000000 consumer reach, 300000+ stores reach, 1000+ products and 5000+ Patanjali stores.
  • So, now you know the potential of taking a Patanjali franchise and want to make your own identity then let’s understand how to open Patanjali store franchise in this article of Bazaar Neeti. Let’s Go!

Benefits of Patanjali Franchise:

  • Unique Selling Proposition(USP): As we all know since 2016 Patnjali is giving tough competition to all Multinational companies (MNCs) and this happened because of its foremost tag “A Swadeshi Brand”. And it became one of the fastest-growing FMCG brands in India. Because in all ways possible it contributes to our nation.
  • Business Loyalty: Yog Guru Baba Ramdev not just helps its consumers by teaching yoga & pranayam lessons but also helps a wide range of local grocery stores and its franchise stores to make them proud and credible in society by carrying the name “Patanjali” and its wide range of swadeshi products.
  • Customer Loyalty: Now we Indians are becoming more health conscious and want to be more patriotic for our country. So we often prefer an Indian brand for any kind of purchase and everyone knows “Quality increases credibility and brings more retentivity of customers“.
  • Brand Visibility: As we have mentioned above Patanaji has reached more than 5 lakh consumers and the reason behind this is Yog Guru Baba Ramdev, as he seems in his yoga camps, events, and television programmes.
  • Income Potential: As your store name and products include Patanjali then it will get automatically full traction and be easily searchable. Because of its uniqueness in the brand proposition. So in the end becoming a Patanjali store franchise will not only give you a higher volume of sales but also maximum earnings.

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Patanjali Franchise Model:

Well, Patanjali has introduced 2 main types of franchise models divided into 3 parts. You can read in detail about each of their requirements, criteria & guidelines here on the official link of the Patanjali Franchise Minimum Criteria Pdf.

  1. IPD: IPD is a residential type centre with accommodations.
  2. OPD: OPD is walk-in consultation and day treatments. And OPD has 2 parts that we have mentioned below.
  • Residential Centres – IPD:

Residential Centers (RC), also known as IPD (In-Patient Department) Centers, provide comprehensive residential treatment programs for individuals seeking holistic healing and well-being. These centres are equipped with comfortable residential rooms and dedicated therapy sections, ensuring a conducive environment for the patient’s stay and treatment. Resorts, hotels, and wellness centres with accommodation facilities are ideal choices for establishing Residential Centers.

  • Non-residential Centres – OPD:

Non-Residential Centers, also known as OPD (Out-Patient Department) Centers, provide accessible wellness services without residential accommodations. These centres are standalone establishments with dedicated OPD and therapy rooms, offering a convenient and focused approach to holistic healthcare. Suitable wellness centres with adequate infrastructure and space are considered for setting up NRCs. There are two subcategories within Non-Residential Centers:

  1. District Centers: District Centers are large-format wellness centres spanning approximately 10,000 square feet. These centres cater to the healthcare needs of the local district population, offering a wide range of holistic therapies and treatments.
  2. Mega Store Non-Residential Centers (MS-OPD): We have discussed it below.
  • Mega Store Non-residential Centres – MS-OPD:

Mega Store Non-Residential Centers, referred to as MS-OPD, are standalone centers located within Patanjali Mega Stores. These centres have dedicated OPD and therapy rooms, adhering to a specific layout and minimum space requirement of 2000 square feet. The typical layout of an MS-OPD centre includes four therapy rooms, one doctor’s room, and a small yoga hall. These centres provide convenient access to holistic healthcare services within the premises of Patanjali Mega Stores.

Patanjali Franchise Cost

Patanjali Franchise Apply For IPD:

  1. Click on this official link for the Patanjali franchise online apply for IPD.
  2. Documents requirement for Patanjali IPD registration:
  • Ownership proof: Land / Lease documents
  • Lease agreement: Incase of leased space
  • Registration: (if Any)
  1. GST
  2. Specific approval / NOC
  3. Or Any other document
  • Licence to conduct commercial activities. (if any)
  • Photographs of the place:
  1. Front
  2. Rooms: All category
  3. Washrooms
  4. Therapy rooms
  5. Existing Facilities
  6. Yoga (Hall or outdoor Facility)
  7. Parking

Patanjali Franchise Apply For OPD:

  1. Click on this official link for the Patanjali franchise online apply for OPD.
  2. Documents requirement for Patanjali OPD registration:
  • Ownership proof: Land / Lease documents
  • Lease agreement: Incase of leased space
  • Registration:
  1. Shop Act
  2. GST
  3. Specific approval / NOC
  4. Or Any other document
  • License to conduct commercial activities.
  • Photographs of the place:
  1. Front
  2. Washrooms
  3. Therapy rooms
  4. Existing Facilities
  5. Yoga (Hall or outdoor Facility)
  6. Parking

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Patanjali Training & Food:

  • Training: Patanjali will provide all the training to therapists and support in the front office/kitchen/store. Franchisees have to hire therapists and other staff and the same will be trained at Patanjali facilities. And this training period will be a duration of 15-30 days.
  • Food: The cuisine of the centre should be pure vegetarian (Food will be given as per the treatment plan).

Patanjali Franchise Cost:

So, as we have researched Patanjali has not clearly mentioned Patanjali franchise price. But Patanjali has mentioned the 3 types of fees that should keep in mind of Patanjali franchisees:

  1. The franchisee shall pay an initial one-time franchisee fee to the Franchisor at the time of
  2. The franchisee shall pay Franchisor a royalty fee based on a percentage of the revenue
    generated per month.
  3. The franchisee shall pay a monthly software subscription fee to the Franchisor.

Patanjali Franchise Profit:

Well, Patanjali has not mentioned its franchise profit, but as per its popularity, 60-80 manpower and high investment, its franchise partner can assume that he/she can easily earn around 5 lakhs per month. It also depends on the product variations, some products might have 5% profit, then some have 10%, some have 25-30%, some might have more than that, etc. If we consider the average profit margin of the Patanjali store of the franchise, it might be around 10% to 25%. And the billing cycle is Fortnightly or Monthly (depending on the revenue turnover).

Patanjali Franchise Contact Number:

Patanjali Store Franchise:

Patanjali Product List Pdf:

Here are the main categories of Patanjali products and you can check its sub-categories here on this official link of Patanjali Product List.

  1. Natural Health Care
  2. Natural Food Products
  3. Ayurvedic Medicine
  4. Herbal Home Care
  5. Natural Personal Care
  6. Patanjali Publication
  7. Samridhi Card
  8. Nutraceuticals
  10. Copperware
  11. Dairy & Frozen Items

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How To Open Patanjali Store?

So, it might seem a little complicated for you because Patanjali has introduced almost 7 types of partnership programs for individuals, farmers and companies. But we tried hard to make it easy and accessible for you in one place. Here we have mentioned all these names with direct links for each one. So we recommend you, check each one of them and figure out what kind of partnership will suit you.

  1. Authorized Store Forms(Mega Store Forms & Patanjali Chikitsalaya & Arogya Kendra)
  2. Gramin Arogya Kendra Forms
  1. Patanjali Gramin Arogya Kendra Application Form:
  2. Patanjali Mega Store & Chikitsalaya Application Form:

How To Open Patanjali Store

Who Can Open Patanjali Store Franchise?

Patanjali allows both individual stores/shops and established & well-known companies/brands like Private Limited companies, Sole Proprietorship firms, Limited Liability partnerships and any other organization registered under any other Act or legislation. And they would have to register by providing some required product and business information to become eligible for Patanjali store franchise partner.

Patanjali Vendor Registration:

  1. First, go to the official page of the Patanjali Vendor Registration Page.
  2. Hereafter a small scroll, you will see a registration form where you have to fill in some of your and your business’s basic details.
  3. You will fill in Your Name, Designation, Company Name, Choose Type, Address, Website (If Available), Contact Number, Email ID, Choose Category, Product Description, and Major Client (If Yes), And then click on Send.
  4. Now after finishing the submission, it might take the time up to 3-10 working days for the verification of documents & verification. And after the verification part, they will assist you further to set up your Patanjali store and will guide you wherever you are stuck.

Patanjali Vendor Registration Fees:

So, as we have researched Patanjali has not clearly mentioned its partner/seller registration fees. But as per industry standards, we can assume opening a partner store with Patanjali is free of cost. Because they do not charge anything for registration. Interested vendors/suppliers can send their company profile & detail by courier or postal to the below address or Upload their Company Profile online. They will be contacted by the central Procurement team (Corporate) directly.

Patanjali Vendor Customer Care Number:

How to Increase Sales on Patanjali:

So, there is a very famous quote by Swami Ramdev, founder of Patanjali;

“The Purity and Control Over the Thoughts and Beliefs is the bridge to success.”

Here we share 6 effective ways to increase your sales on Patanjali:

  1. Keep Varieties of Products in the store
  2. Make & include Social Proof
  3. Stock up your inventory
  4. Good & efficient packaging
  5. Competitive Pricing
  6. Keep customer delight a priority


  • By considering all these above points, I guess you got all the answers for how to open Patanjali store, Patanjali franchise & Patanjali vendor registration which can be profitable yet tricky. A Patanjali franchise partner needs to do research, put in the effort and have the patience to identify the full potential of their physical store linked through the platform.
  • And undoubtedly it will be a robust way to grow your offline business that growth might be limited in the physical world and give it a new identity with India’s far-trusted brand. And if you work with all the hard work and dedication and take care of every aspect, from registering to the product listing to cash handling, you definitely will succeed. Good luck!


Q. How to sell aloe vera leaves to Patanjali? or How to sell tulsi to Patanjali? or How to sell cow urine to Patanjali?

Ans. So initially, you need to make some tie-up with local vendors and local manufacturing units. As brands like Patanjali have already tied up with particular brands and farmers. Then you can go for options like Contract Herbal Farming, where you can request a proposal by filling in your, product and your land & locality basic details then if they finalise you they will contact you and assist you further to join hands with Patanjali.

Q. Is Patanjali distributorship profitable?

Ans. In short Yes. Today Patanjali became so popular FMCG brand in every Indian household. And Indian people want to become more patriotic and started giving their health a first priority. So, if they purchase more automatically Patnajli vendors will earn more.

Q. What is the cost of Patanjali agency?

Ans. Well, Patanjali has not mentioned clearly its Patanjali agency or Patanjali franchise fee. But as we have researched we noticed Patanjali is offering 7 different kinds of franchise options. And for these Patanjali franchises, you have to invest ₹5 lakh to ₹1-2 crore. As its franchise required 2000+ sq ft of land, around 60-70 manpower, also a huge infrastructure and trainee. We have mentioned all these links from where you can apply as per your requirement.

Q. How can I become a Patanjali agent?

Ans. With Patanjali, you can join to open Patanjali IPD or Patanjali OPD. Where you to provide some basic details and documents like Ownership proof: Land / Lease documents, Lease agreement: in Incase of leased space, Shop Registration, License to conduct commercial activities, Photographs of the front area, washroom, Therapy rooms, Existing Facilities, Yoga (Hall or outdoor Facility), Parking, etc. We have mentioned the details process in this article.

Q. What is the margin in Patanjali store?

Ans. Well, Patanjali has disclosed any Patanjali store profit margin. But as per industry standards, you can assume it will be different on a product basis and can start from 5% and can go up to 25%.

Q. What is the cost of Patanjali franchise?

Ans. We noticed Patanjali is offering 7 different kinds of franchise options. And for these Patanjali franchises, you have to invest ₹5 lakh to ₹1-2 crore. As its franchise required 2000+ sq ft of land, around 60-70 manpower, also a huge infrastructure and trainee. We have mentioned all these links from where you can apply as per your requirement.

Q. Which is the most selling product of Patanjali?

Ans. These are some products that are the best seller in Patanjali, Natural Health Care. Digestives. Natural Food Products. Biscuits and Cookies. Dried Fruits & Nuts. Breakfast Cereals. Ayurvedic Medicine. Kwath. Eye, Ear & Oral Care. Herbal Home Care. Agarbatti and Dhoops. Natural Personal Care. Skin Care. Patanjali Publication. Books. Samridhi Card. Swadeshi Samridhi Card. Nutraceuticals.

Q. How to open a Patanjali shop?

Ans. First, go to the official page of the Patanjali Vendor Registration Page. Hereafter a small scroll, you will see a registration form where you have to fill in some of your and your business’s basic details. And after 3-10 working days they will verify your documents and if they finalise you they will assist you for to open a Patanjali franchise store.

Q. Can I sell Patanjali products on Amazon?

Ans. Besides its own website, Patanjali also sells its products across online marketplaces including Amazon India, Flipkart, Paytm, BigBasket, etc. So you can also sell Patanjali products online anywhere at any marketplace. but first read Patanjali’s terms & conditions or you can talk to them at 01334-240008, 244107, 246737.

Q. How much does it cost to open a Patanjali store?

Ans. Well, Patanjali has not mentioned clearly its Patanjali store franchise fee. And they do not charge any amount for registration. They might only charge you for selling Patanjali items. Like they charge a fixed commission on each product you sell that might different on a product category basis.

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